The Practical Way of Learning Data Analysis

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Hello, My Friend!

I'm Ichi, and I write blog posts about Data Analysis using SQL, R, and theories in Applied Mathematics (made easy).
I started my career way back in 2012, and while the tools have changed over time, the purpose of Data Analysis is still the same. We analyze data to give meaning to our data.
What is the best way to learn data analysis?
I believe that learning is best done through experience. Right after reading a topic, I go out and apply it on a real-world problem, no matter how simple it may be.
What's more interesting, is that you don't need a degree in Mathematics or Data Science to start analyzing your own data.
You wouldn't learn how to use a camera just by watching videos. The same goes for data analysis. We just have to start.
I believe everyone can learn, and we learn best by doing.

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Different people learn by reading, watching, or listening -- and that's totally okay.