Meet Yuichi

This page is still in the works!
It's been more than a month now, and I'm focusing on getting better content out there.
I will definitely keep up with life!

Less planning, more doing

I love learning through experience

Get your hands dirty with data! Data cleaning projects, I'm looking at you!

There's much joy to the realization of things (Eureka!), and there's an equal joy of living the realization (aka getting out of the bathtub).

Blog Posts

I am currently writing weekly.

I manage everything, from planning, writing, to content moderation.

In the near future, I do hope to see a full garden patch of posts on how to be a practical data analyst.


I mostly work with clients through Upwork. 

Right now, I’m working at a reduced capacity to make time for this blog.

…but I always get tempted by interesting data and challenging use cases. Don’t we all!

What I blog about

Discover the Practical Data Analyst In You

Still in the works!